It’s Labor Day Weekend and while most people are enjoying time by the lake or BBQ’ing with friends, we have decided to take the time to upgrade our girls bedrooms!

Honestly, before the holidays, we like to do a nice deep clean. When the Fall decor comes out, we start steam rolling through the rest of the holiday season!

With clean bedrooms, now felt like the perfect time to showcase the girls’ adorable new bedrooms. We all know this may not last long.


The moment I found out that I was pregnant with a girl was SURREAL! A GIRL?! All my dreams came true in that moment. To be honest, I thought I was bound to be a boy mom. I mean come on… look at my husband. He comes from a family of nothing but boys. It came as a complete SHOCK. My wildest dream came true. I’m having a daughter!


Besides the bags and bags of girl clothing, decorating the nursery was the most fun for me. We opted for a convertible crib so that it could grow with her. This weekend we finally transitioned her to her knew “BIG GIRL BED”. We were able to find a fun print to match her current decor, which made things super easy! Now, I would love to update the photos, but my little Addie is sentimental. She loves them. And if she loves them we will keep them.



The details in Em’s room are stunning! When I started designing Em’s room, we were in the middle of a big move. We had to live with my Aunt for six months while our house was being built. During those six months, Addie’s appendix ruptured… yep, at 2.5 years old, hurricane Harvey came and left it’s wrath upon my parent’s home, I went into labor 4 weeks early, and my father had his gallbladder removed. It was a crazy summer! The most decorating I could do was here and there, picking up pieces as I found them. It never really came to life until just recently. And now, I am in love.

Most of Em’s furniture was bought at small boutiques which makes it one of a kind. Very much like my little Em. I always knew I wanted a very shabby chic look and the pieces I found fit this look to a T! If you are looking for similar items, I HIGHLY recommend checking out your local antique stores. Be openminded! You may not like it as it is, but maybe with a fresh coat of paint you can fall in love. The headboard, footboard, dresser and nightstands are all repurposed.


Updating rooms always leaves me feeling refreshed in a way! Almost like a new start for their new school year. Maybe it’s just me!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Labor Day Weekend! Until next time!

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